BDRit EXIN Big Data Foundation Certification Training

With the in-depth development of information technology, big data has become the basis of intelligent applications in various industries. Whether it is a cloud service-based face recognition application scenario or an intelligent robot that needs real-time response, it depends on the collection and processing of massive data. The Big Data basic course is launched,in order to make students understand the history, current situation and development trend of this technology.

This course focuses on the practical problems of Big Data applications. It highlighted on the implementation process of big data projects, from data source acquisition to data mining concepts and tools. Finally, it introduces two types of representative and widely used Big Data technology frameworks. Provide members with first-hand knowledge and experience in Big Data applications.

Training Period 24.04.2021-25.04.2021

Training MethodOnline(Participate through CIO Times APP synchronous classroom)

Training Fees RMB7000/per (Including RMB3500/per certification fee);

Informatization leaders of enterprises, Architects and Project Managers engaged in informatization projects, as well as business people who are interested in understanding Big Data technology.

1, Course Introduction

1.1, Course Learning Objectives

1.2, Course Agenda

1.3, Activities

1.4, Exam

1.5, Course Book

1.6, Certification value

2, Big Data Fundamentals

2.1, Big Data - History, Overview and Characteristics

2.2, Big Data Technologies - Overview

2.3, Big Data Success Stories

2.4, Big Data - Privacy and Ethics

2.5, Big Data Projects

3, Big Data Sources

3.1, Enterprise Data Sources

3.2, Social Media Data Sources

3.3, Public Data Sources

4, Data Mining - Concepts and Tools

4.1, Data Mining - Introduction

4.2, Data Mining - Tools

5, Big Data Technologies - Hadoop

5.1, Hadoop Fundamentals

5.2, Install and Configure

5.3, MapReduce

5.4, Data Processing with Hadoop

6, Big Data Technologies - MongoDB

6.1, MongoDB Fundamentals

6.2, Install and Configure

6.3, Document Databases

6.4, Data Modeling with Document Databases

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