BDRit EXIN Privacy and Data Protection Foundation Certification Training

Human society is in the age of Big Data that collects data quickly and extensively and makes full use of it. However, data breaches and privacy violations are bringing increasing social problems. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Privacy and Data Protection laws and rules will provide basic guarantees for data protection and utilization in the era of Big Data. The implementation of “General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)”from EU provides a reference for privacy and data protection worldwide. EXIN also launched Privacy and Data Protection Certificated Training based on relevant content of the GDPR. This training will enable participants to understand the basic concepts, basic rules and some basic methods of privacy and data protection.

Training Period 25.09.2021-26.09.2021

Training Method Online(Participate through CIO Times APP synchronous classroom)

Training Fees RMB8000/per (Including RMB2000/per certification fee)

Data Privacy Officers, Data Protection Officers, CIO, CDO, information security personnel, and all data processing personnel involved in privacy and data protection.

1, Privacy and data protection fundamentals & regulation

1.1, Definitions

1.2, Personal data

1.3, Legitimate grounds and purpose limitation

1.4, Further requirements for legitimate processing of personal data

1.5, Rights of data subjects

1.6, Data breach and related procedures

2, Organizing data protection

2.1, Importance of data protection for the organization

2.2, Supervisory authority1

2.3, Personal data transfer to third countries

2.4, Binding Corporate rules and data protection in contracts

3, Practice of data protection

3.1, Data protection by design and by default related to information security

3.2, Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

3.3, Practice related applications of the use of data, marketing and social media

4, Summary

4.1, Summary of courses

4.2, Exam prepration

5, Exam

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